Where it All Began

Where it All Began

I've knitted for as long as I can remember and learned to crochet a few years back. I love both, but I'm a serial starter as a lot of other crafters will appreciate.

My Gran gave me a sewing machine as a Wedding present in 2007 as I had planned to one day make her proud, she was a Dressmaker by trade, but never had the patience to teach me.

I had a bad personal experience in the beginning of 2019, which resulted in taking some time off work to concentrate on my mental health.  During this time, I took out my 12 year old sewing machine, then visited a shop a couple of towns over, Sewilicious to ask them for something simple to make for beginners.  They put together a box filled with pre-cut squares and batting, with instructions to make a blanket.  It soon became apparent that my sewing machine had completely siezed, having only been used once in those 12 years.  I looked around and servicing the machine would have cost nearly as much as a new machine, so I went for a Brother AE1700, a nice, cheap starter machine.  This worked a treat and I had soon completed my first project.

Very proud of my first creation, I took it to my Gran, who asked me why it was scruffy, all the seams are showing, why pink and purple? why is it so child like? - Always one to make you feel good, my Gran!  That was the design of it!

Rough Blanket - First sewing project

I spent some time going around charity shops, looking for old dresses etc. that I could take apart and use to make something new, still, one year on, I haven’t made anything from this fabric!

My Mother-in-law made me a bag for my birthday in that same year and since then, we were making a plan for her to show me how it's done. Once COVID restrictions from the first lockdown had been lifted, I started on a patchwork bag, under the watchful eye of my M-i-L and really enjoyed it,  by the end of the afternoon, I had covered 2 pieces of foam with bits of old curtains and other fabric she had in her stash. I was sent home with some foam shapes to get myself started on another to get it to the same stage on my own before we met up again. 


For a little while here, I turned back to knitting, testing patterns for designers and learning to dye my own yarn, I really enjoyed doing this, but things were still slow to make and sewing was so much quicker.



After a couple of months, and no further visits to the Mother-in-Law due to more restrictions, I had watched some YouTube videos and taught myself to finish off the bag, I even lined it and added a slip pocket. I absolutely loved it, I was so proud.


This is what I created on my own at home.


I enjoyed doing the quilting, so started watching YouTube videos, thinking that quilting was my way forward.  While doing these searches, I came across the Half Yard Sewing Club by Debbie Shore and I was completely taken in by all the items I could make.  I quickly signed up to the subscription service and downloaded all the patterns available - 2 years worth, at 3  patterns per month, wow, I was spoiled for choice.  Of course, not all of them were the sort of things that I would make, but I found plenty there to be going on with.

Doggy Doorstop

The Baby Backpack – Oh my Goodness, that was a bit ambitious, but I learned so much making it and she had a video talking you through it, which helped a huge amount, this only spurred me on to make more.


Moving on, I started planning for Christmas 2020, what could I make and for whom?

For Juliette, my Goddaughter, I made a bag, for her and her twin Brother, Spencer, I made some book cushions, then I made my parents some bags to take out with them when they walk the dogs.  I found a great artist called Lisa Pay on YouTube, who makes stuffed animals, so I made a couple of them too, of course, it was 2020, so I made a face mask or 2 and a little quilted tote for me, which I use all the time around the house as I broke an ankle in October 2020 and its handy for carrying stuff around from room to room, still using the crutches now, 5 months later


 I’ve joined a sewing group of Facebook called Fat Quarter Sewing Projects UK and they set monthly challenges, so I made a couple of those.



Now I’m catching up with myself, my plan is to create a new blog for each new project, so coming up soon, I will have:

Vintage Style Clutch Bag, Sydney Crossbody Bag, Divina Tote,  Dollie Mini Crossbody, Necessary Clutch Wallet (NCW), Cordelia Crossbody Bag, Harlequin Tote and Pouch as well as the project I’m working on now, the Take 2 Satchel.

I hope you enjoy this, please let me know your thoughts and suggestions for upcoming makes.  Please be respectful with any comments as I’m only a beginner sewist and blogger. Sorry about how the images look, I'll try to improve for next time.

Thanks, speak soon.

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